Emergency Management Agency (EMA)


 Troy Spence, Director
Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency
1555 Guthrie Drive NW
Cleveland, TN 37311
(423) 728-7289 Phone   *   (423) 472-8265 Fax

Jerry Johnson, Operations Officer
Jeff Gunter, Fixed Nuclear Facility Planner
Curtis Cline, Administrative Officer



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Weather Spotter Class * Tuesday, March 13, 2017 at 6pm * Cleveland State Community College * George R. Johnson Cultural Heritage Center


Mission Statement

The mission of the Cleveland-Bradley County Emergency Management agency is to provide the highest level of emergency preparedness to the citizens of Cleveland and Bradley County as they face new challenges in the 21st century. Working as inter-agency coordinators in partnership with local, state, federal and private entities, we seek to provide comprehensive emergency response, hazard planning and disaster mitigation to Cleveland and Bradley County.

The Cleveland / Bradley County Emergency Management Agency is an independent department of Bradley County Government, responsible for emergency management activities in Bradley County, and the Cities of Cleveland and Charleston, reporting to the Bradley County Mayor.

Disasters can strike at anytime and anywhere. They may take many forms: a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorism. It may build over days or weeks, or hit suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of Americans face disaster, and its terrifying consequences. Quite often, Bradley County residents also become victims of these events. Our hope is that you will find this site useful in finding information related to the types of emergencies and hazards that our community may face and information on preparing your family for these. Please feel free to email or call our office at (423) 728-7289 if there are questions concerning these topics, and our staff will be happy assist you. 

Emergency Notification System

Gary Davis, Mayor
Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency now utilizes a new communications service which allows us to send valuable community information directly to residents using the latest technology. It is the responsibility of the Emergency Management Agency to inform the public of actual or impending large scale incidents. Our duty is to inform the public of what the actual situation is, what emergency responders are doing to help the situation, what they need to do to stay out of the incident, or what they can do to help the situation. The service is secure, reliable and easy to use.

Residents of Cleveland/Bradley County and those in neighboring communities can immediately begin receiving pertinent information via text message and email by texting CBCEMA to 888777.

Residents of the Charleston area can also receive pertinent information for the Charleston Neighborhood via text message and email by texting Charleston to 888777.




Bradley County
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

1555 Guthrie Drive NW
Cleveland, Tennessee 37311
FAX 423-472-8265

Curtis Cline, Chairman

Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30pm
except holidays


To Be Announced



Minutes January 11, 2018

Minutes October 12, 2017



Membership Form

Proposed By-Laws 2018






The Bradley County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is your community-based organization that assists in building partnerships and preparing; government officials, emergency response agencies, industry, citizens, and academia for hazardous materials emergencies.
Your LEPC promotes the discovery and mitigation of risks associated with hazardous materials through prevention, preparedness, and rapid response.
Prevention involves identifying causes of, and reducing the potential for hazardous materials accidents to occur. Proper safety measures, sound management practices, and preventive maintenance all reduce the potential for hazardous materials accidents.
Preparedness involves anticipating accidents that may occur despite prevention measures, and developing contingency, or emergency response, plans. Emergency response plans help facilities and governments respond to accidents quickly and efficiently. Your LEPC assists with developing and maintaining local emergency response plans for hazardous materials emergency response. We also educate our community on hazardous materials emergency preparedness.


All 95 counties in Tennessee have LEPCs. Each LEPC includes representation from; elected officials, emergency management, firefighting, emergency medical, law enforcement, community health, environmental protection, hazardous materials transportation, community groups, and owners and operators of facilities subject to the requirements of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III.


The public is encouraged to participate in the LEPC. Public meetings are held at 8:00 am, quarterly, throughout the year. 


You may contact the Bradley County LEPC for copies of the LEPC meeting minutes, by-laws, or membership participation.
Requests for information should include the type of and dates for the information desired. Send requests with return address to:


Bradley County LEPC
1555 Guthrie Drive NW
Cleveland, Tennessee 37311


Title III of SARA, also known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, ensures citizens have the opportunity to be informed about hazardous materials manufactured, utilized, or stored by industries in their community.
Facilities covered under Title III are required to provide detailed information, annually, on the type and quantity of hazardous materials manufactured, utilized, or stored on their premises and report hazardous material incidents. Requests for Tier II information must be submitted to the Tennessee State Emergency Response Commission in writing.
Each Request must include the specific facility name and address. Only the most current year is available to the public. There is a 45-day response window for requests, per the federal statute.
Requests for Tier II reports can be sent via email or mailed to: 


Email: DA_TEMA_EPCRA@tn.gov

Mailing Address:
3041 Sidco Drive
P.O. Box 41502
Nashville, TN 37204





Unless otherwise indicated,
meetings will be held at the Bradley
County Emergency Operations
Center, 1555 Guthrie Drive,
Cleveland, TN 37311

ACS meetings are generally the 3rd
Thursday of each month @7pm.

ACS Leadership

Coordinators Tony Melton, KD4MRS
Steve Weber, KA4ELN
Deputy Coordnator Jack McCarty, WA5CH
Deputy Coordinator David Benton, WB4JGG
Net Manager Bob Gault, KD4NEC
HF Officer/Traffic Manager Ron Akers, W8BF
Staging Manager Jean Clayton, KE4OEQ
Digital/Mars Operations Mike Bishop, WM4RB
Law Enforcement Liaison Steve Weber, KA4ELN
Equipment Team Manager
ARES Reserve


Tennessee ARES Section

NWS Skywarn Page

NWS Morristown

Southeast Tennessee Skywarn

McMinn County Amateur Radio Club



A Brief History of the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)

Since the early pioneers of amateur radio first used their wireless sets to communicate during disasters, those who followed in their footsteps have provided thousands of hours of public service time in communities around the world when normal communication networks are brought down.

They quickly developed a reputation of using emergency power generators and wire antennas to establish contact with other agencies involved in disaster recovery operations. As interest grew and more operators were going on the air with their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses, there was a need to organize the volunteer operators.

So in 1952 the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) was formed to serve government agencies in times of extraordinary needs. During periods of RACES activation, certified unpaid personnel were called upon to perform many tasks for the government agencies in which they serve. Although the exact nature of each activation will be different, the common thread was communications. The FCC regulates RACES but it is administrated by local, county, or state civil defense agencies.

In addition to RACES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), which is administered by the American Radio Relay League, provides disaster communications for non-government agencies such as the American Red Cross.

Some local volunteers had affiliated with RACES while others maintained affiliation with ARES. Some had membership in both. Bradley County operators also serve as spotters during severe weather, which is under a third program, SkyWarn. SkyWarn volunteers serve the National Weather Service. They in essence were wearing three hats.

In 2005 efforts began to form a single agency that would combine RACES, ARES, and SkyWarn under the Cleveland -Bradley County Emergency Management Agency and to begin an organized program of training. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization, is eligible for membership in ACS. The primary qualification is a sincere desire to serve. ACS needs volunteers that can work on generators, put up antennas, computer operators and many other service type jobs. We need the manpower to be ready in case of an emergency. Tony Melton and Steve Weber serve as joint coordinators of the ACS program in Bradley County.

ACS Today

ACS is still growing and evolving into what it will be in the future. In January 2008 the Bradley County Auxiliary Communications Service became the pattern for all counties in District Three Homeland Security in Tennessee.

Qualifications to become an ACS member

To participate in ACS, you must have a sincere desire to serve your community in times of disaster and be able to donate time for your training each month. You must be fifteen years old, but cannot be deployable until you are 21 years old. You must have completed the FEMA Independent Study Classes NIMS IS 100, 200, 700 and 800. Also the ARRL Emcomm 1 course or "its equivalent" to be a member of the ACS Response Team. Members that have not completed their training are part of the ACS Reserve Unit.

ACS meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Bradley County Emergency Operations Center, located at 1555 Guthrie Drive, Cleveland, and the meetings begin promptly at 7 PM EST.

ACS Monthly Training

Training is a major part of the ACS meetings. We focus on classes for both the individual member and as a unit. Many of these classes are taught by the ACS members themselves, others classes are taught by Emergency Management Personal.


Bradley County Clubs

Cleveland Amateur Radio Club: This club is not affiliated with ACS, but actively supports the ACS program through its member participation.

Regularly scheduled Cleveland Amateur Radio Club meetings are held twice monthly, on the second Tuesday and fourth Tuesday, at the our club house located at 560 Johnson Boulevard, SE, 7pm local time unless cancelled. The Cleveland Amateur Radio Club has two Volunteer Examination team's offering testing for all Amateur classes of license and Emcomm Level's 1, 2, 3. The testing is on the third Saturday of each month at 10AM. Walk ins welcome.

No December Testing.

Derek Wooley (KD5UBL), President CARC

Contact us at our Clubhouse

560 Johnson Boulevard, SE
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone 423-479-4660

Mailing Address

Cleveland Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 2683
Cleveland, TN 37320-2683

Ocoee Amateur Radio Society: This group is not formally affiliated with ACS, however it's membership supports ACS by membership and by member participation in ACS sponsored activities, to the point one of the OARS by-laws stating that each OARS member must contribute at least one (1) day per year to public service events through Amateur Radio Communications in order to retain membership in the Ocoee Amateur Radio Society.

Regularly scheduled Ocoee Amateur Radio Society meetings take place monthly at the Bradley County Fire and Rescue Center on the first Monday of each month at 7pm local time unless otherwise announced. The Ocoee Amateur Radio Society is in the process of sponsoring a Volunteer Examination team at which time a testing schedule will soon be added.

John Alcock (KE4TQM)
Club President OARS

Contact us at our Clubhouse

Ocoee Amateur Radio Society
C/O Bradley County Fire and Rescue
260 East Inman St
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone 423-479-2700

Mailing Address

Ocoee Amateur Radio Society
P.O. Box 502
McDonald, TN 37353



2015 Bradley County Emergency Operations Plan (BEOP)   

2017 Bradley County Mitigation Plan