Information Systems

Gary Davis, Mayor

Welcome to the Bradley County Department of Information Systems. We enjoy the responsibility of managing the County's computer technology functions, including the wide and local area networking, application research, technology purchasing, and website.

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About Information Systems

Information Systems was created in 1994 to design, develop and maintain a Networking and Information System (IS) for Bradley County. The IS Department is responsible for all of the County's technology needs, with the exception of the school system.



Technology Administration

System Administration System Administration involves maintenance of system file, print, and application servers, and the interoperability amongst the servers and work stations. System Administration is also responsible for system redundancy (backups, mirroring, & fault tolerance), and email & scheduling administration.

Database Administration

Database Administration includes development and maintenance of relational databases and data interfaces.

Network Administration

Network Administrator is responsible for the County's local (LAN) and wide area (WAN) networking, and the network's link to the Internet.

WWW Administration

WWW (World Wide Web) Administration includes maintenance of Internet servers, web site maintenance, and user support.

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance includes trouble-shooting and repair of server, workstation, and peripheral computer equipment.




System Development

Software Development refers to creation and modification of desktop and server applications.

WWW Development

WWW Development includes the programming that pulls together information and graphics on the servers that comprise the County's website.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design refers to the preparation of pictures, diagrams and other images used on the County's web site, letterhead, pamphlets, and other publications.

Research & Development

Research & Development is a loosely associated function involving maintaining knowledge and or trying to keep pace with the ever-changing face of technology.




Technology Support / Training
Budget Assistance involves assisting the County agencies/departments supported by Information Systems in assessing needs, planning for technology purchases, preparation of specifications, and review of bids.

Many of the County's agencies depend on our centralized technology purchasing and benefit through volume discounts.

Project Management
Every year special technology projects are implemented such as scanning in years of deeds in the Register's Office, or Networking in a new Office etc.

User Support
Information Systems provides the first line of support for use of desktop software such as word processors and spread sheets for the County's agencies.

Information Systems is responsible for physically training personnel in the use of software and technology.