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Behavioral Unit

The Behavioral Unit is open at the Bradley County Juvenile Justice Center. The facility was created to act as a liaison between the community and the juvenile court system. It provides families with intervention services to fill a void left by budget cuts. Bradley County’s Juvenile Court System and Juvenile Judge Daniel Swafford have partnered with Bradley County schools and Cumberland Hall Outreach Services to provide this program.

Currently, the Behavioral Unit offers referrals to the following services: drug screening, a day-treatment center, and case management services. Referrals can be made at the Juvenile Center or through Campus Court, Family Court or Juvenile Court.



Triannual Audits



Annual Findings (A listing of how many reports were filed and finding occurred for each year)

2014 - 0 reports / 0 findings
2015 - 0 reports / 0 findings
2016 - 0 reports / 0 findings
2017 - 0 reports / 0 findings

3rd Party Reporting

To obtain more information about reporting any issures or occurrences involving the Bradley County Juvenile Detention Center to Child Protective Services, use the following link: Tennessee Child Abuse Hotline


1620 Johnson Boulevard Southeast
Cleveland, TN 37311



Name Title Phone
Vickie Towne Director  
Malita Shaver Administrative Assistant  
Shannon Doan Behavior Unit Coordinator  
Casey Gallaher Youth Service Officer,  
Nathan Ross Youth Service Officer,  
Holly Schultz Intake Officer  
Mallory Liedl Youth Service Officer, Walker Valley High School  
Steven Rogers Youth Service Officer, Community Service Coordinator  
Chris Stanfield Youth Service Officer, Bradley Central High School  
Nancy Stanfield Senior Youth Service Officer  
Andre Carr Juvenile Detention Captain  
Becca Williams Juvenile Detention PREA Coordinator  
Jeremy Ledford IT Specialist